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13th (2015-2020) Generation F150 Slot Delete / Support Kit

13th (2015-2020) Generation F150 Slot Delete / Support Kit

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This kit was specific designed with the 2015-2020 F150 4wd 

This kit not only adds a support to the rear pocket but all the mounts. It also locks the lower control arms in the outer most position (recommended), center position or the holes can be slotted so you can still adjust the alignment from the lowers. ----- I highly recommend locking the lowers in place and using adjustable upper control arms if you are running offroad because when aligning F150s from lower control arm cam bolts only it is prone to getting thrown out of alignment.------ 

- Bolt in design- can also be welded
- works with stock swaybar
- made from 3/16 steel plate
- includes all hardware 

The kits are powdered coated Black

Will not fit 2wd 

Will not fit Gen 2 Raptors

Adjustable upper control arms are required for the installation of this product

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