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2021+ Ford Bronco Reverse Light Kit (w/Baja Designs)

2021+ Ford Bronco Reverse Light Kit (w/Baja Designs)

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Looking to get dust lights or reverse lights for your 2021+ Bronco? We've got you covered with this Baja Designs Reverse Kit. This kit comes with lights, brackets and wiring harness making it a breeze to get rear facing light setup on your truck! Everything you need in one kit.

Our custom made wiring harness is designed to give you complete control over your reverse lights. You can choose to activate the lights from your upfitter switch and automatically while putting your truck in reverse. A built in diode prevents power from back-feeding into the factory reverse circuit, protecting your factory lights. This also means your reverse lights serve a dual purpose. Throw a set of S2 Amber Rock Guards on the lights and you've now got a set of chase lights for the trails.

The included KR Off-Road extension bracket allows the lights to hang from factory bolts under your truck. This bracket is made right here in the USA out of 11 gauge stainless steel (and powder coated black) ensuring a lifetime of durability.

QUICK TIP: You can alter the height of the Lights by flipping the Baja Designs mounting bracket upside down. This will bring the lights closer to your bumper or further away.


  • 2x S1 or S2 Lights (Your Choice)
  • 2x Vehicle Specific Mounting Hardware
  • Baja Designs Upfitter Harness (Used to tap into the reverse circuit at your tail lights)
  • CrystaLux Upfitter Wiring Harness (allows you to control your reverse kit from your upfitters AS WELL AS automatically while in reverse)


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