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Gen 1 Raptor/Gen 12 F150 (09'-14') → Gen 2 Raptor Coil Over Conversion Buckets

Gen 1 Raptor/Gen 12 F150 (09'-14') → Gen 2 Raptor Coil Over Conversion Buckets

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This conversion kit was created from necessity. With the abundant availability of Gen 2 take off coilovers it was only natural for this kit to be developed.

Hand Crafted in the USA out of industry leading 1/4" thick steel making our buckets the strongest on the market

The conversion kit includes both driver and passenger side coil buckets that will accept OEM or OEM Spec Gen 2 Ford Raptor Coil Overs (I.E. Fox, Icon, King, ect). All mounting Hardware is included 

This kit allows 12th gen F150s and Gen 1 Raptors to run a Gen 2 Raptor Coilover assembly and obtain Gen 2 Raptor travel numbers

*Gen 1 Raptors will accept Gen 2 Coilovers with only the conversion buckets installed

*12th Gen F150s will require Gen 1 front suspension/drivetrain/steering parts


*kit was designed to work with OEM Gen 2 Raptor coilovers..if aftermarket coilovers are used, limit straps may be required and modification may be required for res. hoses

*an aftermarket Upper Control Arm is recommended by not required

*installation notes in photos

*F150 Raptor suspension components required for installation (i.e. LCA, Axles, Steering ect..)






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