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KHC Rear Bump Stop Kit

KHC Rear Bump Stop Kit

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This custom in house designed bump-stop brace kit is made from 1/4 inch steel and is designed to brace the rear frame of your F150 Raptor in order to prevent frame twist from hard bottoming out. The stock bump-stop location on your Raptor are mounted only to the outside of the frame with little to no structural support and after a few months of hard off-roading you can notice the bed of the trucks to begin to become unaligned to the cab, this is because the impact from the rear hitting the frame will slowly twist the frame rails out. Our custom designed kit fixes this problem by bracing the frame with no drilling or cutting required and the adjustable nitrogen filled bump-stops help aid in absorbing more of the impact from hard landings. This kit is mounted underneath the bed and are made to order, can be powedercoated color of choice. 

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